Artist Spotlight—Ceron Mays: Bringing Soul to Nashville

February 4, 2021
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Ceron Mays is an artist who truly embodies Tennessee, from his musicianship to his dedication to his service. Born in Memphis, Ceron has walked the long road to being a staple of the Nashville music scene. Since the start of his music career at 16, playing in his godfather’s band, he has been perfecting his craft and building his skill set. It’s not been easy, Ceron left music for some time after the death of his grandfather, spurring him to join the Army. 5 years went by without performing, singing, or even picking up his instruments until a fateful IED cut his service short.


If you’re a fan of R&B, Ceron is your guy.

Since rejoining the music scene, Ceron has toured the world over with the renowned R&B group, Silk, before settling back into the rhythm of Nashville, both performing and collaborating with other artists across the city. After performing duet gigs for some time, Ceron’s partner discontinued performing at the same venue, which left Ceron with a decision between performing solo or not performing at all. Thankfully, he decided to give the solo career a try, which ended up being the best decision he’s made in his career. 

If you’re a fan of R&B, Ceron is your guy. With Prince-esque skills on the guitar, vocals in the vein of R. Kelly, and a vibe that feels like Marvin Gaye, every show is certain to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. Even more than the music, Ceron is described as an “Authentic Storyteller”, giving more weight to each performance than just a song. It’s a journey with each audience, and the additional meaning only makes each show more memorable.

Ceron has a residency at Doc Holliday’s in Downtown Nashville, Performing two nights a week on a regular basis. Settling near Nashville has allowed him to embrace his life as a family man, with 5 kids and a lovely wife in tow, he now lives in Murfreesboro and splits his time performing and working on his family’s brand, Amaysn. Amaysn has a variety of services, providing music lessons, audio engineering, and health and wellness options, and much more. Every family member plays a part in making the Amaysn engine run, from Ceron and his wife Ash, to his children Malaya, BJ, Ceriyah, Gabe, the youngest Branton! Each family member brings a different service, from Ceriyah’s entrepreneurial spirit to Gabe’s drumming chops.Working with Amaysn is becoming part of the Mays family, and you’ll be sure to benefit from their 5-star customer service in whatever service they provide whether it be for entertainment, wellness, or education. 

Enjoy Ceron and Latavius playing Simple Man on the LTL Simple Man Series: