Artist Spotlight: The Women of Nashville's Music Scene

March 23, 2021
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Nashville has a storied tradition of great women dominating the music industry. Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and most of all, the iconic Dolly Parton. For Women’s History Month, we want to take some time to highlight the great female talent in Nashville right now, who continue to trailblaze every day for generations to come!

Alexis Taylor
Alexis is a County Singer/Songwriter from the Great White North, and her childhood spent in Canada helped shape her songwriting career. Her parents were musicians and songwriters, and that constant immersion created Alexis’s passion for her own music. To her, there was never a question of whether this was her calling, “Music is a part of me - it has always been in my blood.”

It took one visit to Nashville for Alexis to fall in love, and she moved to the States and to the Music City shortly after. This was the kickoff point for a stellar career, and it didn’t take long for her to land a Scandinavian tour in the Summer of 2016. She was the opener for Doug Seegers, a renowned singer/songwriter who took Taylor under his wing and allowed her to grow as a performer. She calls it “the experience of a lifetime”, and it’s clear that this tour shaped her music, just by listening to her sound today.
Alexis Taylor
Alexis has some great hits out there, notable ‘Blame The Whiskey’, her debut single, and the core track that earned her the award for Female Vocalist of the Year at 2018’s Tennessee Music Awards. The song also held the #1 position on Reverb Nation’s country artist chart for 10 weeks straight, and she had countless high-profile gigs as she built up her discography with more singles. After a stint opening for The Marshall Tucker Band, Alexis is currently touring all over North America, and working in the studio to continue releasing new music.

She’s working on her very first EP album, and she’s touting each track as originally written by herself, putting her talents on display for a full tracklist.

You can hear Alexis on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music, and watch her here on her Youtube Channel.

Kayla Woodson
Kayla is a Louisiana Native, drawing from roots in rock, soul, country. She covers a wide range, from Aretha Franklin to Guns ‘N Roses, and isn’t afraid to command the stage with a rock song or a softer ballad. Kayla’s calling card is her powerful voice, when she sings, people tend to stop and listen, and she’s been on the Nashville circuit since 2012.

Kayla is a lifetime performer, as a girl, she was performing in the Texas/Louisiana Opry Circuit since age 7, and fronting her own band since age10. Years of practice on the stage have given her a command and comfortability to share her performances with the audience, and she’s known to provide memorable performances every single night.

During her childhood, Kayla did more than just put in time performing, she traveled overseas to the Bocelli School of Music in Italy, and during that time went to Romania to represent the United States at the ‘Golden Star Children’s International Talent Fest. Kayla didn’t just attend, she thrived and took 2nd place in the world. After returning to the States, Kayla released her first album at age 15, with 4 originals songs, and some favorite covers.

Kayla Woodson
Then came the leap of faith. Kayla moved out to Nashville to pursue a music career and study at Belmont University. Great artists passed through Belmont, from Brad Paisley to Trisha Yearwood, and the university’s location in Nashville allowed for Kayla to get educational and professional experience, all in one.

Since graduating, Kayla has refocused and committed to her songwriting, and released her next EP Kayla Woodson, in 2016. With 5 original songs written or co-written by Kayla herself. With so much input into the project, Kayla has felt that this EP captures the essence of who she has become better than any before it.

Kayla has appeared on the voice, and countless stages around Lower Broadway, so keep an eye out for her next residency and take the time to see her. You’ll be happy you did!

You can listen to Kayla on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, and find her YouTube channel.

Nashville wouldn’t be where it is today without the strong female artists who paved the way before. Check out the Local Talent Live artist page to scout out the best Nashville offers, and get out and see some of the great artists around town!