Kyle Elliott: Nashville Born and Bred

March 2, 2021
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Country Musicians seem to land in Nashville at some point or another in their careers. It is one of, if not the biggest, music hubs in the country, country music or otherwise. With that, you see a lot of musicians evoke the Nashville feel, despite coming from across the country or even the world! Then come artists like Kyle Elliott, who grew up in a Nashville suburb and now walks the town that made him, a budding star. Let’s take a look at an LTL favorite, where he’s come from, how he got here, and why you shouldn’t miss becoming familiar with his music.

Kyle started in on music at a young age. At 13, he began to learn guitar. His main influence? His mother’s students, who all would play guitar after classes let out. He wasn’t classically trained, in fact, he cites his main teacher as YouTube, which was his guide as he taught himself basic chords and eventually grew to his skill now. After guitar came a knack for songwriting, and then vocals. It didn’t take long for Kyle to settle on a career in music, and caught on with an alternative rock band, despite seeking a country option that was more true to himself and his style. He says of that time, “I knew I loved country more. I grew up listening to it, living that lifestyle. It's who I am and that's why I love singing and playing country music.”

After graduating high school, Kyle took another step toward his professional career, by starting his studies at Southern Illinois University in vocal performance. While there was a lot to learn at SIU, it was mostly grounded in the classical style, and Kyle was again a man out of genre, waiting for his chance to play what he truly loved. The biggest bright spot to come out of this time? His realization of his love for performing. No matter the music, Kyle says that the performance is his favorite part, saying “Entertaining a crowd, meeting the fans, hearing their stories, seeing them have the time of their lives…that is what God put me here to do…that’s my passion.”
Kyle’s favorite artists are old school, he’s influenced by not just country legends like Randy Travis and Garth Brooks, but also plenty of rock classics from the ’70s and ’80s, courtesy of his parents. His household was always filled with music, and that manifested into this lifelong journey that Kyle is now on.

It’s been a big start to his early career, with Elliott’s first single “Sunrise” being featured at the top of Apple Music’s “Hot Country Playlist.” From there, he’s earned nearly 300,000 streams across all platforms and hit big again with his duet “Never Break” with Stephanie Nash. Kyle has secured his first management contract and has new music on the way. You can listen to “Empty” wherever you listen to music, it’s his newest single, just released in late February.

Kyle Elliott’s star is only growing brighter, so catch his while you can! See his social accounts, performances across Nashville, and of course, his personal profile, all with Local Talent Live!

Kyle was kind enough to participate in LTL's video series of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man ... enjoy it here.