Nashville, the Wheeled Wonderland!

January 22, 2021
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A bar bike in Nashville

Imagine, your plane touches down for your bachelor or bachelorette weekend, and you need to get the logistical stuff out of the way first. Checkin to the hotel, unpack, grab a bite to eat, etc. Not exactly how you want to start off a party weekend, right? Well, when it comes to Nashville, the party starts as soon as you get downtown, just minutes from the airport! Where other cities might have cabs or Ubers, we have an armada of party buses, bar bikes, party tractors, barges, and even hot tubs towed through downtown! You can roll through town in the open air with a drink in your hand! While this might seem like a small amenity, it truly makes your trip memorable from the second it begins and ensures that you get in touch with the city from the jump.


When it comes to Nashville, the party starts as soon as you get downtown!

There are plenty more benefits to booking a party barge or bike aside from getting the party started! Getting on board any of these provides you with a great orientation and tour of the downtown area. Combine seeing the sites while having a drink and singing along to your favorite music! Many of the companies will offer drink specials with partner bars, making sure that you transition seamlessly from pedaling to partying in one of the dozens of downtown venues!


While there’s plenty of options when selecting your party vehicle of choice, they all are unique in the aesthetic they choose! Want to embrace a nautical theme? Try a Party Barge, mocked up to look like you are sailing through the streets in a motorized ship! Grab a captain’s hat for the bride or groom and anchors aweigh! Wanting to embrace the country roots of the city? You’re in luck, The Nashville Tractor will tow you and your crew through the street til the cows come home! Last but certainly not least, for the thrill-seeking groups, you can see the city from new heights by tooling around down in a tricked out monster truck! With the seating area 10 feet off the ground, you're sure to catch some eyes rolling past in these beasts! Whatever the style of your weekend, there’s a party transport out there for you!


Nashville is a town with culture on every corner, and tours are a must when you’re coming to town. Besides scouting out spots you’d like to hit later, you’ll be able to explore the history, music, and vibe of the city, all with a drink in your hand and the breeze in your face! With many trips, there’s too much to do in too little time, so why not blend efficiency and fun by taking a tour to beat all other tours! With private and public options, you can either claim the tour for your party or rub elbows with other visitors and sight seers! Don’t let a single moment dip while you’re here, and the best way to do so is booking your transportation with a healthy dose of party!