Nashville's Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

January 22, 2021
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Downtown Nashville on the Cumberland River

Move over Vegas! Nashville now holds the crown as the Bachelor/Bachelorette capital of the world! With the perfect blend of great location, classic culture, and a heavy dose of a party atmosphere, it's estimated that an average of 150 of these groups visit Nashville every weekend. Thanks to the trailblazers who have come before, your perfect weekend can easily be planned out in advance, and we'll take a look at the wide variety of attractions that bring the brides-to-be to Nashville!


For the history buff:

Nashville has a rich history, with U.S. landmarks available on practically every corner! Those who want to see the sights of Nashville's past should check out the Parthenon first and foremost, an exact replica of its counterpart in Greece, complete with replicas of the statues inside. Nearby there's also the Tennessee Capitol Building, dating back to 1859, still showcasing its beautiful original architecture. There's plenty more history to find around the city, from Andrew Jackson's Hermitage home to the campus of Vanderbilt University, Nashville's roots run deep!


For the Country Music Lover:

Nashville is titled "The Music City" for a reason. There is a memorable music monument on every corner, from recording studios to venues. Home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Historic RCA Studio B, you can trace the steps of music legends of all genres. Even if your nights will be spent on Lower Broadway, it's worth using the daytime to visit these historical moments to American music. Of course, music in Nashville isn't just history, you can find it throughout the city in every venue, bar, and record store. 


For the Night Owl:

Perhaps the most prevalent part of Nashville's current allure is the nightlife. With cover charges being a rarity in the city, strolling from venue to venue along Broadway is encouraged and can make your night out on the town feel more unique and epic. Better yet, plan your night by looking at the shows listing.  With every bar in town showcasing one performer or another, it's never been easier to stumble across an artist that you and your group will fall in love with. Nashville is also a blossoming food city, with great restaurants of every style to fit your budget and taste. You can treat yourself at Josephine, go for a great breakfast at The Diner, some Mexican food at Bakersfield, excellent pizza & drinks at The Stillery, or throw caution to the wind and combine drinking whiskey and indoor shooting at the Whiskey Shot

Nashville might not have the big-ticket feel of a New York or a Vegas, but it beats the bigger cities with affordability, safety, and location. Only 4 hours from other metros like Atlanta or Louisville, flights may not even be necessary for the weekend before the big day. Nashville is uniquely geared toward being a nonstop party, and the secret is out, as more and more bachelor and bachelorette parties plan to descend on the city. So pack your ten-gallon, boots, and blue jeans, and book a trip on a Pedal Tavern. Nashville is made for making memories, and we promise that it won't disappoint.


For help planning your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: Bachelor Party Nashville.