Nashville's Live Music Scene on Broadway

December 18, 2020
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Nashville— the most desirable destination for tourists who love live music and local talent.

Downtown Nashville view from the North

Nashville is quickly blossoming from a "best-kept secret" to one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the US. The driving beat of the city can be found in its extensive live music scene, evolving from its country roots to offer a full suite of options to fit every visitor's preference. Every destination must have an epicenter, where the cultural blend of the city comes to a head, and for Nashville, Broadway holds that coveted spot. Like Bourbon Street for NOLA or the Vegas Strip, Broadway serves as a 24/7 hotbed for Nashville's nightlife. Just walking down the street will subject you to a symphony of sound, changing with every step you take. 

Broadway serves as a 24/7 hotbed for Nashville's nightlife. Just walking down the street will subject you to a symphony of sound

Broadway can be tailored for each visitor as well. Looking for a mild and mellow tour? Check out the area during the day or on a weeknight for a lower intensity experience. On the other end of the spectrum, the street reaches its boiling point during holidays or CMA Fest in June, which Nashville might classify as a holiday. CMA Fest is the purest form of Broadway, with the road shut down to thru traffic, allowing denizens to spill out of the bars and turn the party into a sea of revelry. 

When you think of music in Nashville, it is easy to gravitate directly toward Country music dominating the airspace. However, The Music City does not exclude much from its repertoire, with offerings across nearly every genre, from rock to pop, jazz and blues, and even classical options on the right night. Of course, Country music will always be the star of the show, and the Country music fan will find Nashville and Broadway to be paradise.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Nashville's music scene is the distinct lack of cover charges. Nashville prides itself on emphasizing the "free" in free live music, with each district offering up to 10 unique venues with "the best music one can find for less than a penny." However, we definitely recommend that you put that cover charge toward the band itself, and tip directly for all their hard work! It also allows for a more nomadic experience. If you aren't vibing with a certain venue, walk 10 steps and find another! Rinse and repeat until you find a hole in the wall that meets your fancy. 

For some top picks, it seems that the multi-story bar experience has consumed the city, with both "The Stage" and "Nudie’s Honky Tonk" having 3 stories, balcony areas, and different stages littered throughout the building. Check them out for multiple moods, all under one roof. You can check out an in-depth journey of the Broadway Bar Scene here as well.

Don't miss out on the phenomenon that is Nashville. Newly dubbed "The Bachelorette Party Capital of the World", the word is out and there might not be much longer before the city becomes in full view of the mainstream. You'll love your time and Nashville, and it'd be wise to circle a night out on Broadway as a cornerstone of your visit.